Fiber set 'beige' - 100g viscose, alpaca & wool


(€7.00 / 100g)

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100g beautiful fibers in beige shades. Perfect for wet and needle felting.

The set contains about 10g of each fiber: Pure wool (merino) in ivory, acacia, champagner, golden brown and dark beige, pure viscose in acacia, earth and sand & pure alpaca in light and middle brown.

The set of combed slivers contains the following fibers:

pure alpaca (ca. 20g)

pure wool - 100% mulesingfree (ca. 50g)

pure viscose (ca. 30g)



Perfect fibers for wet felting. The viscose should be combined with wool, as it does hardly felt on its own. But in combination it gives a beautiful felt.

All the containing fibers are perfect for needle felting. All of them can be needle felted on their own.


Please be aware, that the colors can look a bit different on the screen than in reality!

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