Wooden handle for 3 felting needles

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Beautiful wooden needel handle for up to 3 felting needles. Perfect for quick two- or three-dimensional felting and producing long, slim objects.

 Choose, if you want to get the holder without needles or completed with 3 fine star needles.

Color of the needle handle
With/without felting needles


This beautiful wooden handle for up to 3 felting needles is perfect for fast felting and felting and felting slim Objects.
All default felting needles fit in the handle.

The punching tool will be handpainted in your favorite color.

You can choose the handle without needles or completed with 3 fine star needles.

To use for

This handle is perfect for quick felting especially of long, slim objects (e.g. legs or tails). It also works great for flatten the bottom of a figure or just generally reach quick felting results.


Needle exchange

It is very easy to change the needles. Just take out the two front pieces, put the needles in the drilled holes, hold the two front pieces together and push it in the handle. The needles are now fixed safely. You need no tool for needle exchange.



It is better not to use this handle with thick felting needles, especially if you want to felt three-dimensional objects. Because if you use more than one thick needle at a time it makes it harder do get into the fiber and will leave deformations. I would recommend fine star needles (40 Gauge). You can choose, if the handle already contains 3 of these needles or if you want to have it without needles.

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ca. 9cm
3 felting needles

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