felting needle set

Big felting needle set - 25 needles

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Amazing felting needle set with 25 different needles. The set contains i.a. standard, reverse, twisted, merino, star, ecostar, quick, robust, crown and special extrafine needles.

With color markering



Great set to test many different needles and find you personal favorites.

The set contains the following needles:

  • Standardneedles in 40 Gauge (yellow bandage), 36 Gauge (turqouise bandage) and 32 Gauge (red bandage)
  • Twisted needles in 38 Gauge (purple bandage) and 40 Gauge (light blue bandage)
  • Reverse needles in 40 Gauge (green bandage) and 32 Gauge (black bandage)
  • Robust / kids needles in 36 Gauge (mauve head) and 32 Gauge (pink head) with barbfree edge
  • Star needles in 40 Gauge (champagner bandage), 38 Gauge (golden bandage) and 36 Gauge (copper bandage)
  • Ecostar in 36 Gauge (pearlsceant-white bandage)
  • Merinoneedle in 40 Gauge (creme head) and 42 Gauge (white head)
  • Crown needle in 38 Gauge (mint bandage)
  • Three different extra fine needles in 40 and 42 Gauge (grey, orange and gold-orange head)
  • Needles with all barbs on one edge in 40 Gauge (aqua head) and 32 Gauge (blue head)
  • Four different quick needles 40, 36 and 32 Gauge (brown, yellow, limette and green head)

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