Felting needles

felting needles

Felting needles in many different variations.

Regular felting needles

Different regular felting needles with three barbed edges.

Twisted needles

Felting needles with twisted working part for reducing holes in the surface of the felted object.

Star needles

Felting needles that work very quick and efficent.

Robust needles

Very robust felting needles for beginners and kids.

Quick needles

Different quick and efficent felting needles

Merino needles

Highly recommended needles for fine fibers as merino.

Crown needle

Felting needles with barbs an the tip. Very good for achieving a beautiful surface.

Reverse needles

Felting needles with reverse barbs to achieve a hairy effect.

Extrafine needles

Felting needles with very fine diameter and/or extra fine/view barbs. Perfect for details and finishing.

Barbfree edge needles

Felting needles with at least one edge without barbs. Perfect for moving fibers sideways.

Needle sets

Different felting needle sets as starterkits or for special purpurses.

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